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financial assistance, money to pay bills, resources to cover rent and utilities, grants, pay bills: I am 56

sscasper started this conversation
I am 56 and have been unemployed for 2 years. My unemployment has run out. They are disconnecting my electric 5/12 and gas 5/15. They have already disconnected my cell phone (I now have a government phone). I have no money for gas to go on interviews or to help agencies, no money for bus fare, no money for my electric bill, no money for my gas bill. I got help thru CAGI for last winter on my electric and gas. I have emphysema , epilepsy, copd, asthma, chronic bronchitis, depression and bi polar. I recently was approved for food stamps and Medicaid. I am applying for Social Security but we all know how long that takes. I have contacted every agency here where I live. Per Social Security I can only make 770$ gross a month til they make their decision. I need help and bad. I also recently found a help agency to get dog food for my poms. I can't even pay my rent. My son can't help me he has his own family. I owe 550 rent for 2 months, 460 electric, 120 gas bill, 300 cell bill, I have no gasoline in my 1995 blazer.. I need help please... If there is any one out there that can help I would greatly appreciate it.. Thank you for reading my post.
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